David Geffen Pledges $150 Million to Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

After criticizing New York millionaires for not doing more to support that city’s art scene, David Geffen has put his money where his mouth is. The Geffen Records founder and co-owner of Dreamworks, Inc. has pledged to donate $150 million toward the construction of a new building for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
David Geffen Contributes to the Art in a Big Way
In order to break ground on new building to be constructed in the style of modernist Peter Zumthor, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is estimating that it will need to raise a total of $650 million. Geffen’s contribution of $150 million will push the pledged funds up to $450 million, giving the fundraising project a significant boost.
It seems only fitting that Mr. Geffen would contribute so much toward the construction of this new structure, especially because it’s to be named the David Geffen Galleries in his honor. The project is intended to boost the city’s presence as a cultural hotspot, giving a home to international artists and their admirers. The sand-colored building will host art from world-class artists from all over the world, according to David.
“Los Angeles is the city of the future, and with the involvement of those who support art and architecture here, the creation of this building is a very important event,” stated Mr. Geffen.
Geffen’s Gift Comes After Three Years of Fundraising
David Geffen’s $150 million pledge is the largest single donation to be received in the entire history of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. While it comes three years after the museum’s director, Michael Govan, launched the fundraising project, that doesn’t make the significant contribution any less appreciated. Govan acknowledged Geffen’s gift as a tribute to the cultural and artistic community to Los Angeles as a whole, not just to the museum.
Once completed, the museum will belong to the Los Angeles community as a public institution, setting it apart from patron-funded museums like the Getty and the Norton Simon. Govan isn’t the only one to recognize the significance of David Geffen’s donation. Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas also acknowledged the future implications of the donation, suggesting that the future may see more partnerships between generous philanthropists and public institutions. He suggested that such partnerships could significantly advance architectural and artistic achievements.
The Los Angeles Museum of art expects to break ground on the new building in 2019 and plans the building to be completed by 2023.